I can’t tell you how many times I have taught children and their parents a simplified version of the Examin.  I suggest that at the end of  each day, they take  a few minutes to reflect on their day and find a couple of things to be grateful for and then take a moment to ask God for something.  It seems doable, a prayer that can be shared as a family, and yet simple enough for even the youngest children.  I know how popular it is, and am aware of how long it has been used by so many.

The only thing that was missing for me, was the power of this simple prayer!  It wasn’t until I started taking a few minutes of reflection that I began to see the miracles hidden within it.  Each day is filled with these miracles, not bread-to-wine miracles, but small ones gifted to us through the smile of a stranger, a hug from a child, or a glance of understanding from a friend.  These are the moments that so easily get lost in the busy-ness of our days, and yet, these are the very same moments that reflect heaven.

It is only in the quiet and stillness of the last minutes of the day that these special memories come to the forefront of my mind.  And, it is in the recollection of these moments, when I lift my eyes in gratitude, that I find the peace to settle in for a restful night’s sleep.





So….today a second grade girl approached me and said, 

“I like your necklace!”

 I said, “Thanks!”

She said, “Do you want to know what my motto is?”

I said, “Your motto???  Sure”

She said, “This is my motto:  TOO MUCH BLING????  NO SUCH THING!!!

Absolute truth, I promise!  

I think I have a new motto, and….I definitely have some shopping to do!!!



It’s OK!

We are always hearing that we need to ‘step out of our comfort zones.’  My question is, WHY?  I do believe in stretching myself, but I think that comfort zones exist for a reason.  

I know that some may think, ‘if we don’t step out of our comfort zones, then nothing gets changed,’ but that is not what I’m saying.  Of course we need to build awareness and work hard to help those in need to promote change, but can’t we do that within our comfort zones?

I do my best when I am working within my comfort zone.  Is it always easy?  No!, but it is where I do my best work.  We all have such diverse gifts, when we discover and use our gifts, we do our best work.  And, thankfully, there are others who compliment us with their gifts.

Sounds a bit cryptic? Let me clarify…..I was at a meeting yesterday with a room filled with great thinkers.  My ego kept telling me that I should contribute to the conversation, but nothing brilliant was popping into my head.  After I stopped stressing about what I could add to the conversation, I began to realize that this group were the theoretical dreamers and I was a make-it-happen doer.  

My comfort zone is where I do my best work, it is where my gifts are realized and utilized.  It’s ok to work in my comfort zone……stop with the pressure!









Thanks Nelson!  

Not much to add….but I think this quote has much to do with humility!  Do as much good as you can, be as kind as possible, listen as though there were no other sound around (including those in your head), and love with the fullness of the universe.  

You will plant trees, but you may not see the results of your efforts.  And rightfully so, because there is always another tree to plant tomorrow…



It’s been a while


It’s been a while…. I’ve missed my blog.  I’m not really sure if there is anyone out there who will still read it, but right now that isn’t what is most important to me.  I just feel called to write, to try to focus my thoughts and to share a little of the vastness of what is inside of me.

I was telling someone the other day, that the older I get, the less I  know.  The fact is, the less I really want to know.  These days I’m very weary of those with answers….at least answers to ‘real’ questions.  Concepts like God, love, compassion and even time don’t have answers, I don’t think definitions are adequate, in fact, as soon as we try to define them, they become our idols.  These cannot be defined, they can only be felt.  And when we sit still enough to feel, we begin to know in ways that can never be defined by words.  Our words are inadequate.

This knowing is pure gift and it is felt with such certainty and conviction that no one can challenge it.  And while others may not understand it, it is the purest form of communication.  This knowing is not ours, it is of God and because of that it connects us all on the deepest levels.

This week my challenge is to look at others into others.  I want to see beyond the surface and listen to their unspoken words.  I want to see everyone as a fellow meander-er.  If I can do that, even for a moment, then I will see them not with my eyes, but with the eyes of God.






Do you remember that Verizon commercial?  Illustrating all the different locations where Verizon gets service?  It was catchy, clever and certainly memorable.  Sometimes I feel as though my prayer life is like a Verizon commercial!  I need to pray for ___, and ____, or and don’t forget ___.  Did I remember ____, oh and _____, and didn’t she ask for my prayers last week??????  So many people to pray for, so many needs, such a long list, I don’t want to forget anyone who asked for my prayers……yikes!  Prayer is stressful!


St. Luke tells of a story of Jesus approaching a town called Naim.  As he got near the gates he saw a man being carried out, the only son of a widowed mother.  St. Luke tells it like this, “The Lord was moved with pity upon seeing her and said to her, “Do not cry.”  Then he bid the dead man to get up and we all know the rest of the story.

Did you notice?  The woman didn’t even have to ask…..’the Lord was moved with pity’.

Forget the lists, forget the proper posture, forget the formatted words and forget the timed prayer sessions.

Lift up your eyes, open your heart to Him and let Him heal.  “The Lord was filled with compassion”….and she didn’t even have to ask!

Is this me?


Unknown(Thank you Prior Lake American for creating a visual of the way that I am feeling)

So I’m thinking’…..as I have my Noah snowsuit on……

Should I start building an ark with skis?

Should I start eating those chips because comfort food adds layers of blubber?

Should I take a mental vacation to the Caribbean?

Or should I take some quiet time to reflect…..what can I learn from this weather? Silly question?  Our God who counts the hairs on our heads, watches each sparrow that falls to the ground, and catches our tears as they fall, isn’t random.
There is something for me to glean…
Open my heart O Holy Spirit and help me to learn the wisdom that you offer as gently and freely as the falling snow.



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