Before and After


Isn’t it amazing what we can do with a simple photo app?  The peony is from my garden, but I wanted to play.  I love watercolor and with a quick free download, my photo is now painter’s masterpiece!

Here is the original:


It’s so easy to disguise ourselves.  In efforts to hide who we truly are, we often cover, enhance, change and distort ourselves. We change our looks, project false images, and keep others from getting too close.

Why are we afraid to expose our true selves?

Do we fear that we will not be loved?  Will others judge us? Will we be too vulnerable? 

Our true beauty shines when we are truly ourselves – no alterations.

Which is more beautiful – you decide:



It’s Time…..



It’s been a rough week……

so, it’s time to

+ remember what my favorite color is
+ close my eyes and imagine myself in a place that I love
+ think about something that makes me smile
+ look in a mirror and see beauty – both inside and out
+ count up to my favorite number and then stop there
+ look at my hands and appreciate the work they do
+ gaze at the stars
+ savor the aroma of my favorite scent
+  remember that I am loved
+ say thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU

Synonyms – or are they?

   How do we experience everything?  We see, we hear, we smell, we  taste, we touch.  Our five senses are our windows to the world.

We can’t block out our senses, if our eyes are open, we see.  We can’t not hear the sounds around us, etc.  And yet, even though our senses are bombarded at each moment, we can choose how we incorporate our experiences.

Do we look or do we see?  The difference may be subtle, but upon reflection, there is a world of difference.  Do we hear or do we listen?  Do we feel or do we touch?  Do we taste or do we savour, do we inhale or do we breathe?

Think about your day – how much beauty did you see?  How many people did you really listen to?  How was dinner – savoured or rushed while watching the news?  Did you feel the touch of a loved one today?  How about your breath – did you breathe deeply enough to nourish all the cells in your body with oxygen?

Look-see, hear-listen, feel-touch, inhale-breathe, taste-savour – synonyms, or are they???


Mirror, mirror on the wall….

So, Phil’s comment from yesterday got me thinking…. Which fairy tale would I recommend???

I love happy endings…we see that a lot in these tales, maybe that’s why they are so popular. But after some insomniatic (is that a word?) thinking I began to look at these in a new way – let’s have some fun….

Cinderella – the ‘ugly’ step sisters? Couldn’t they just be described as plain old mean? I’ll bet if they were a bit kinder, they may not have been so ‘ugly’ after all! Remember that cliche – beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Cinderella, in all her inner beauty, would have been able to see them as beautiful if they were just a little nicer.

Show White – couldn’t the queen have desired Snow White’s magnanimity instead of her beauty? After all, the queen was once beautiful, but age changed her….why couldn’t she have been graceful about it rather than so jealous of Snow White’s youthful looks?

Chicken Little – now there’s a story about going off the deep end! Just goes to show the snowball effect of fear!

Beauty and the Beast – well, we’re getting closer….Beauty could see the ‘beauty’ in the beast and her kindness and love transformed him, but again, he didn’t stay ‘looking’ like a beast – he was transformed into a handsome prince – it’s that obsession with looks again.

The Emperor’s New Clothes- Oh, I JUST LOVE THIS ONE! Can’t tell you how many people I’d love to tell – ‘look in the mirror, buddy’, and perhaps, I should look in one too, to make sure I’m wearing some clothes, if you know what I mean…..


My recommendation….Pinnochio! for this reason – ‘When you wish upon a star, MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHO YOU ARE’ – you don’t have to be beautiful, it makes no difference, we’ll all equal when we wish upon that star (or say that prayer)….

Let’s celebrate those lyrics:

When you wish upon a star (or, when you say that simple prayer)
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream (or, when your heart is in your prayer)
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star (when you say that simple prayer)
As dreamers do (as pray-ers, or lovers do)

Fate is kind  (God is kind)
She brings to those to love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through (God steps in and sees you through)
When you wish upon a star (when you say that simple prayer)
Your dreams come true