Three Ways To Celebrate Christmas


How will you celebrate Christmas this year?

1)  Is your shopping done?  Are your presents wrapped?  Is the eggnog made?  Are the Holiday cards sent?  Are you counting the days until DECEMBER 26TH???  Happy Holidays!

2)  Are the family invitations out?  Have you decided which service you’re attending?   Is the manger set up?   Is the menu planned?   Are you counting the days until CHRISTMAS DAY?  Merry Christmas!

3)  Have you read the Prologue to John’s Gospel?   Have you carved out some ‘time apart’?   Have you counted your Blessings?  Are you counting the days until CHRISTMAS EVE?   Be Still and Know….

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them…

Some 2012 years ago a Child was born into the world and nothing was the same.  This little Child, born in secret, changed the world forever.  However you ‘define’ Him, no one can deny the impact that He had and continues to have.  Love has that effect, love transforms, love changes, nothing is ever the same after you have been loved.  So, of course everything changed when LOVE entered our world.

If only we could realize the power that we have.  Our gift of free will allows us to make a choice.  We can choose to walk towards that LOVE, or we can walk away into the darkness.  We make the choice.

The horrendous events in Sandy Hook are too painful for us to process.  I pray for those who do not embrace faith, because it is only in faith can we begin to feel any sort of peace or solace.  We remember the children, just as we remember the CHILD.

Let these little children lead us this Christmas…..may they bring us back to the TRUTH of Christmas…..may they bring us back to another CHILD born long ago on a dark night.  Of all the gifts you receive this Christmas, cherish the gift of your free will and choose LOVE.
Playing Child Church Bulletin Cover