It’s Time…..



It’s been a rough week……

so, it’s time to

+ remember what my favorite color is
+ close my eyes and imagine myself in a place that I love
+ think about something that makes me smile
+ look in a mirror and see beauty – both inside and out
+ count up to my favorite number and then stop there
+ look at my hands and appreciate the work they do
+ gaze at the stars
+ savor the aroma of my favorite scent
+  remember that I am loved
+ say thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU

If I had three arms, do you suppose I’d want four?



How many times have I tried to carry more than my two hands can hold? ¬†How many times I have said, “If I only had another arm…”
So, the question is, ‘would I really be satisfied with three or would I then wish for four?’

The truth is that we can always think of things that we want more of…
more time
more money
more hands
more friends
more food (I’m thinking chocolate)

So, I may want more, but do I really need more?
Perhaps 2013 is the year to simply grateful for what I already have….