Do You See What I See?



Ok, I drew an outline around this, but I think that we can all agree that this is a ‘heart-puddle’.  It was in my driveway this morning and I had the privilege of seeing it and reflecting on it on my morning walk.  You see, the more that you look, the more that you see…..All of God’s creation speaks to us, and it is always a message of love.
A tall barren tree speaks to us of detachment
A crispy leaf on the ground speaks of dying to self
A breeze speaks the language of the Holy Spirit
Branches pointing upward speak of lifting our hearts to God
Rain speaks of washing away the false self and beginning again
And a ‘heart-puddle’ speaks of His LOVE.
Advent….we wait….we listen….we prepare….and most importantly……HE WAITS FOR US…..

Shall We Dance?

I have a pillow that inspires me…..

I won’t interpret it because I think that it will have a different meaning to each reader.  It says:

Dancing with the feet is one thing,

but dancing with the heart is another……

Today….shall we dance????                                       

Pleasure or Joy

Pleasure or Joy – is there a difference?  I was having a conversation with someone last week and he began to speak about pleasure vs. joy.  As he told it, pleasure is fleeting, joy is lasting.  He gave an example, ‘I can have a glass of wine and that could bring me great pleasure…a good wine, sitting to enjoy it, perhaps sharing it with others, great pleasure.  But when the glass is finished, the pleasure is over.’

Joy is more eternal because joy does not depend on outside circumstances.  Joy is an attitude of the heart.  Joy can sustain good times and bad, peace and turmoil, pain and sorrow. 

I’m sure that Jesus didn’t feel any pleasure on the cross…but, I would imagine that he kept joy in his heart.  Otherwise, how could he have chosen to do what he did?

Pleasure feels good.  Joy produces good.