Lenten Hope



It’s just been a tough couple of weeks..certainly don’t want to compare myself to Job, but at my lowest moments, that’s where I’m going.  Why is it that at times the struggles seem to come from every direction?  No matter what I plan for my ‘lenten sacrifices/promises,’ God always has other plans.  And so, in the midst of all of this ‘garbage’ which I’m dealing with now, God is there.  And so, my next questions must become, “What am I to learn from this…..how can I grow from this?”

And, as I oscillate between wallowing in self-pity and holding out for the sunrise, I catch a glimpse of my daffodil bulbs poking through the winter ground.  In the midst of the snow and cold, the dead leaves and twigs, the promise of spring bursts through.  The fresh green of new life reaching up to the heavens…..now that is LENTEN HOPE!


What We Don’t Know We Don’t Know….

Some of us were having a discussion yesterday trying to tackle the age old questions:  Why does God allow suffering? Why doesn’t He stop it? etc.  You know the questions…we struggle with them throughout our lives….

Someone offered this wisdom:

Think of a pie chart:

The smallest segment (yellow) represents what we know – our knowledge

The next smallest segment (blue) is what we know that we don’t know.  For example, I know that I don’t know how to fix a car, or how to build a house.

The largest segment (red) is what we don’t know that we don’t know.  In other words, most of what is ‘out there’, I don’t even know is out there.  Hmmmmm….

And that is, of course, God’s knowledge.  So, trying to understand the mind of God is far beyond what we can ever begin to comprehend.  Hence, the question, “Do you trust Me?”

For further clarification….I refer you to the Book of Job!