I wish I were the moon…

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.com

You know, if it weren’t for all my schoolin’, no one would ever be able to convince me that the moon does not generate its own light.  These past few nights, the moon has shone so brightly that it has masked the stars nearby, and cast a soft light , accentuating the dusting of snow which we have on the ground right now.  When I gaze at it, it appears as though it is a spotlight in the night sky.  But, we know that the moon has no light of its own.  It merely reflects the light of the sun.

So, it makes me think….what do I reflect?  I think that we all reflect something.  We can’t not.  All of our relationships, our culture, our environments, all of these contribute to who we are, what we believe and how we think.  Who I am is communicated to the world in the way that I live, the choices I make and the things I say. So, I ask myself again…..what do I reflect?

As the moon reflects the sun, my prayer today is that I too reflect the SON.

Where have all the mystics gone?

Oh, I fear that we are losing our sense of the mystical.  We are such a ‘now’ people…even emails are too slow – texting is better.  Our postal service is now  referred to as ‘snail mail’ because it may take a day or two to arrive at its destination.  We’re so efficient, we can multi-task and fit even more into our already hectic schedules.  We produce and produce – but, at what expense? 

Ask yourself these questions – When was the last time that you…

took a walk – not a power-walk or a walk for exercise, but a walk just to sniff the air, listen to the birds or notice the buds on the trees?

just sat when you were talking on the phone – didn’t pace, didn’t shuffle papers, didn’t hold the phone with your shoulder while your hands were busy with other tasks?

shared a cup of coffee or tea with a friend just to ‘catch-up?

looked up at the stars…the moon?

took the time to reflect on life or love, or just to daydream?

sat in silence – silence – silence?

I do believe that there is something inside of us that connects very deeply with the mystical.  After all, we are so attracted to stories such as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, but unless we nurture our mystical self, this longing becomes pure fantasy. 

We are not ‘surface’ people, we have depth, we like to think, reflect, question.  Don’t be too busy for the mystery.  It may not ‘produce’ anything, but it will fill a deep well inside that thirsts…

Hmmmm, Living Water….where have I heard that lately???