Wisdom hidden in pain

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Hidden in every experience is  wisdom.  A loving God could never allow his children to hurt in vain.  No action, word or experience is ever wasted.  Everything in my life is there for a reason and behind that reason is love.  Unfortunately, the hidden pearl cannot be found until the shell is cracked.  We must live through the pain in order to glean the wisdom.  We cannot ignore it, we must walk through it, and that hurts.  We must try to keep a perspective, keeping one eye on the questions, “What does this tell me about me?  How can I grow from this?”  There is much wisdom hidden in the pain if we move the ego aside and concentrate on the pearl.


45 minutes to spare?

Philip Yancey has been a favorite author of mine for some time. I just love his spirituality – no judgment – he seems to have some special insights about God, albeit most times admitting that God is beyond our understanding.  I had the opportunity to hear him speak when he came to a nearby church a few weeks ago. He spoke about Newtown, pain, suffering, loss, and ‘where is God when is hurts’,  and many of the parents and first responders were there because Sandy Hook is just a few miles away.

I was thrilled to see that the church put his talks online.  If you have about 45 minutes, please watch this – you won’t regret it!