It’s OK!

We are always hearing that we need to ‘step out of our comfort zones.’  My question is, WHY?  I do believe in stretching myself, but I think that comfort zones exist for a reason.  

I know that some may think, ‘if we don’t step out of our comfort zones, then nothing gets changed,’ but that is not what I’m saying.  Of course we need to build awareness and work hard to help those in need to promote change, but can’t we do that within our comfort zones?

I do my best when I am working within my comfort zone.  Is it always easy?  No!, but it is where I do my best work.  We all have such diverse gifts, when we discover and use our gifts, we do our best work.  And, thankfully, there are others who compliment us with their gifts.

Sounds a bit cryptic? Let me clarify…..I was at a meeting yesterday with a room filled with great thinkers.  My ego kept telling me that I should contribute to the conversation, but nothing brilliant was popping into my head.  After I stopped stressing about what I could add to the conversation, I began to realize that this group were the theoretical dreamers and I was a make-it-happen doer.  

My comfort zone is where I do my best work, it is where my gifts are realized and utilized.  It’s ok to work in my comfort zone……stop with the pressure!







The Truth About My Blog



I love my blog/ I hate my blog

The truth is, I really do love my blog.  I know that I haven’t posted since March and am wondering if anyone is really still out there….?, but my blog helps me to slow down, focus and reflect on things – everyday things in my life.  Having said that, I must also admit that I hate my blog as well – make sense?  Let me explain…..

Something pops into my mind and I say to myself, “Oh….I need to write about that.  I’ll post my thoughts on my blog”  And I do, and it’s therapeutic, and I love doing it.  The same thing happens again, perhaps the next day, maybe a few days later…and again, I post.  This continues for a while and I’m feeling good about my blog.  And then it happens….a few weeks go by and I begin to think, I need to post, it’s been a while and the pressure begins in my head.  It’s been weeks, months….I’m not blogging…..and then it happens….I hate my blog!

And so, this is what I need to get my head around…..I want to love my blog and so, I will not worry about keeping a schedule.  I will not look at the dates of my previous posts, and I will try not to look at my stats.  I have begun to take early morning walks – my daybreak walks – and these walks have been such a wonderful time of prayer and reflection.  There is much that I’d like to share with you… pressure……

I love my blog

p.s. – thanks Sonja!