A Taste of Heaven




So, I have begun to walk in the morning.  My favorite time is just when the moon is humbly stepping aside to allow the sun to illuminate the day.  I am determined to keep this up, health reasons being secondary, sanity my primary!  Even though there was a wolf spotted at the top of my driveway last week and I drove home last night to find 4 coyotes in my front yard…..I will continue!

I spend this precious 30 minutes reflecting.  Sometimes I will listen to a Youtube talk, sometimes I will go over one of my own talks that I am practicing  (that’s my least favorite way to spend the time – I hear my own chatter far too much), but the most ‘productive’ (much too harsh a word for the results that are gained) way to spend the time is to listen.  Some may think that nature is silent, but if you are the one that is silent, then you open your self to hearing the voice of God.

All of creation has much to teach us.  All is gift and God is constantly reaching out to us, revealing himself, and loving us.

After my few minutes of ‘heaven’, my frantic day begins and I get lost in the busy-ness of grown-up things that must be taken care of and dealt with.  There are problems to solve, work to be done, and on and on until I sink into bed each night being more weary than tired.

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Matt. 18:3

Thirty minutes each morning I become that little child and allow myself to be awed by God’s world.  I think that I have experienced heaven…..Give it a try…

The Truth About My Blog



I love my blog/ I hate my blog

The truth is, I really do love my blog.  I know that I haven’t posted since March and am wondering if anyone is really still out there….?, but my blog helps me to slow down, focus and reflect on things – everyday things in my life.  Having said that, I must also admit that I hate my blog as well – make sense?  Let me explain…..

Something pops into my mind and I say to myself, “Oh….I need to write about that.  I’ll post my thoughts on my blog”  And I do, and it’s therapeutic, and I love doing it.  The same thing happens again, perhaps the next day, maybe a few days later…and again, I post.  This continues for a while and I’m feeling good about my blog.  And then it happens….a few weeks go by and I begin to think, I need to post, it’s been a while and the pressure begins in my head.  It’s been weeks, months….I’m not blogging…..and then it happens….I hate my blog!

And so, this is what I need to get my head around…..I want to love my blog and so, I will not worry about keeping a schedule.  I will not look at the dates of my previous posts, and I will try not to look at my stats.  I have begun to take early morning walks – my daybreak walks – and these walks have been such a wonderful time of prayer and reflection.  There is much that I’d like to share with you…..no pressure……

I love my blog

p.s. – thanks Sonja!